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Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise which aims at strengthening the core muscles. It has been adapted by Physiotherapists based on recent research into the importance of core stability in the rehabilitation and prevention of injury and peak performance.


There is plenty of research for the use in clinical pilates in treating a number of conditions. Most well known, there is an abundance of support for clinical pilates in the treatment of low back pain. However, there is also research supporting its use in neck, hip, and knee pain. Our physiotherapists can tailor you an exercise program to ensure you strengthen the right places to get rid of your pain.


At Core Physio Sports, we run 1:1 Clinical Pilates sessions to ensure you know what your doing. Our 1:1 sessions are with a pilates trained physiotherapist who will be able to construct you an exercise program suitable to your needs and then ensure your technique is accurate.


Once you have completed a minimum number of sessions, you will be free to attend the clinic in your own time to complete your own individual sessions. We sell these sessions in packs of 6, 10, and 20 and you can call us to make a regular booking so that you can attend and independently strengthen your core.

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