Work Hardening

Fast & Healthy Return to Work of your Workers

Core Physio Sports’s Work Hardening Centre offers the most practical and cost-effective method of achieving a high rate of return to work and to decrease lost time injury.

Benchmark Industrial Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention – A Win-Win Solution

Our expert physiotherapists can significantly reduce rehabilitation and recovery times for industrial workers. Core Physio Sports’s industrial rehabilitation not only helps working professionals regain their health in the soonest possible time but also minimizes costly underutilization for businesses.

Many laborious jobs in the workplace are subject to stress and strain on the body. The injuries they suffer, whether from accidents, poor manual handling, or simply due to lack of exercise, they would all benefir from our effective industrial rehabilitation. Core Physio Sports’s work hardening solutions combine the principals of physiotherapy and ergonomics to create the most effective rehabilitation.

Supporting your Risk Management Function

Our Work Hardening Centre facilitates your risk management by providing the best rehabilitative and injury preventative services. Our multi-disciplinary approach minimizes risks and lost man-hours, and helps you maintain an overall healthy & productive work-hardening force.

Legal Benefits

  • Early intervention
  • Reduced claim time & cost
  • Loss Mitigation at time of claim, as well as during a common law process


  • Improved fitness levels for workers so they return to site duties safely
  • Enhanced functional capabilities of workers
  • Maintain high rate of return to work outcomes

Our Physiotherapists

With our expertise and experience in physiotherapy you can make the most of the benefits of physiotherapy in rehabilitating your workforce.

What is Involved

  • Training supervisors, trainers and workplace representatives
  • Careful monitoring of workers through planned return to work ‘training’
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