Recruit the Most Reliable Manpower

Your workforce is the most important resource for your business. When considering candidates for a job, you have to make sure that the applicant is physically capable of carrying out the relevant job description.

Assessing the Physical Capability of your Future Employee

As part of our comprehensive occupational physiotherapy services, Core Physio Sports offers companies Job-Specific Functional Pre-employment services. You can use our physiotherapy expertise to accurately assess the physical capabilities of applicants.

Smart Risk Management

Core Physio Sports’s Job-Specific Functional Pre-employments enable you to create an accurate risk profile for prospective workers. By carrying out the tests, we help you decide how well an applicant can perform the job he/she has applied for.

We conduct the testing with real on-the-job equipment so as to emulate the actual working environment and dynamics as closely as possible. All this precision helps us help you make the most accurate risk assessment required in the pre-employment phase.

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