Manual Task Risk Management

Create a Workforce Capable of Assessing & Managing Risks

Core Physio Sports’s Manual Tasks Risk Management Training facilitates your risk management requirements by educating your workforce on being more aware and responsible regarding the risks involved in their jobs.

The training helps your business in various aspects:

  • Reduce Risks
  • Improve Performance & Boost Profitability
  • Optimize Injury Management
  • Raise Workers’ Moral
  • Reduce Workers’ Resentment
  • Enhance Recruiting Process

Build a Safer Work Environment

To create efficient risk management, it is pertinent that every worker understands workplace risks. Taking this awareness and responsibility beyond the scope of managers and supervisors creates a robust working environment that is less prone to inefficiency and productivity loss.

Task Problem Solving and Risk Management

Core Physio Sports uses modern ergonomic research & techniques as well as a benchmark risk management model for the training. By educating all levels of your workforce, from managers and supervisors to workers, our physiotherapists provide invaluable help in manual task problem solving and risk management.

How it Works

While the actual training procedures and modules might vary for different businesses, they are all geared towards facilitating the risk management process. The physical demands of each manual task are determined according to the following manual task risk factors:

  • Exertion
  • Awkward Postures
  • Vibration
  • Repetition
  • Duration

Identify & Rank Risks

Core Physio Sports identifies and ranks the various risks (mostly physical) that manual tasks inherently create. This is the basis of assessing the risks and managing them efficiently.

Learn by Self Observation

Video taping the workers as they go about their manual tasks is an invaluable training method. By integrating the video taped information into the training, we are able to help your workers realize what changes need to be made to reduce risks.

Learning through Problem Solving

As part of the training, the workers can also be asked to solve problems in emulated working conditions. This helps them make better decisions when they are working on site.

Worksite Assessment

Our worksite assessment not only helps in determining the regular job role of a worker but also in ascertaining any alternative duties as relevant and possible. The worksite assessment is especially helpful for your workers if they are:

  • Changing job roles and their physical capabilities are under question
  • Undergoing training or work trial
  • Experiencing discomfort or pain at work
  • Returning after an extended period of absence from demanding tasks e.g. after illness or working less strenuous duties

Worksite assessment is critical for occupational rehabilitation and facilitates return to work programs. A successful worksite assessment offers beneficial outcomes, such as:

  • Creating effective injury prevention strategies
  • Maintaining an “at-risk” worker in the workplace.
  • Determining suitable duties following advice from a medical practitioner and rehabilitation co-ordinator
  • Detailed explanation of assessment outcomes to the client/ employer
  • Detailing the worksite assessment results through a written report to all relevant parties

Customized Training

Core Physio Sports also offers highly customized Manual Tasks Risk Management Training. You can use these tailor made training packages to best suit your particular needs. E.g. you may need to only focus on polishing the risk assessment capabilities of your supervisors or educate a group of key workers. Whatever the objectives and needs of your business, Core Physio Sports’s Manual Tasks Risk Management Training will deliver the best results.

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