Functional Capacity Evaluation

Determine your Workers’ Functional Capacity to Optimize Productivity

By using Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) you can objectively evaluate the physical competence of any worker. The assessment is made against a series of standardised tests, helping you understand how much work an individual can handle without  compromising safety.

Our Accurate Evaluation – Your Smart Business Decision

You can accurately evaluate your workers’ functional capacity with the help of Core Physio Sports’s highly qualified and well trained physiotherapists. We judge the capabilities of the workers against numerous physical demands.

By knowing the functional capacity of your workers, you can create a highly optimized workforce. The knowledge enables a superior management of your valuable human resource, hence getting the most out of them, all the while maintaining their health.

Furthermore, the FCEs also speed up the recovery process for affected workers, ultimately benefiting your business.

Benefits of FCEs

Functional Capacity Evaluations are critical in order to run an efficient, fit and productive workforce.

  • Assess a worker’s safe and objective physical capacity
  • Create and observe goals for rehabilitation
  • Facilitate return to work
  • Create more effective job roles
  • Support Risk Management
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