Multi-disciplinary Solutions

Core Physio Sports not only provides excellent physiotherapy and massage care, but also provides multidisciplinary solutions from a wide variety of skills and expertise.


Our excellence in each solution enables us to maximise productivity in personal and corporate capacities, minimizing workplace injuries and their inherent financial & administrative burden. Our skills, experience and dedication through multidisciplinary solutions helps us offer a comprehensive service that is second to none in and around Shepparton & Shepparton.

Injury Management

Pursuing the one-size-fits-all model is the farthest from achieving success in physiotherapy. Every worker is different and so are their injuries. The ability to provide customized physiotherapy care determines the ultimate success.

Core Physio Sports’s injury management owes its success to our understanding of the degrees of differentiation in various workplace injuries. From Early Intervention Programs to Chronic Pain Management programs, we have numerous distinctive programs all geared towards the functioning of efficient injury management.

The programs take into account various important factors that maximize the efficiency of each program. These factors include:

  • Functional capacity
  • Demands of the critical jobs
  • Identification of psycho-socialbarriers
  • Identification of environmental barriers
  • Time since injury occurrence

Assessment Services

Core Physio Sports is well aware of the fact that assessment is the basis of treatment. We are also well versed in conducting accurate assessments, which is the basis for our effective physiotherapy solutions. The assessments fall under three primary categories;

1.     Stage One

Workers who sustained a musculoskeletal injury within three weeks.

2.     Stage Two

– The workers injury has been present for between 3 to 26 weeks.
– Minimal evidence of recovery during this time period.
– Minimal upgrade of suitable duties.
– Identification of moderate psychosocial barriers.

3.     Stage Three

This assessment is applicable for workers who have crossed 26 weeks of post injury time and face psychosocial barriers hindering their return to work and work capacity upgrades. A Clinical Psychologist works with our Physiotherapist to conduct this 2-hour assessment.

Efficient Physiotherapy for Acute Injury Management

One of the reasons driving the success of Core Physio Sports’s physiotherapy solutions is our policy of employing only those acute injury management approaches that are evidence based.

Intervention from Core Physio Sports might include:

  • Manipulative techniques
  • Mobilisation
  • Soft tissue techniques
  • Massage techniques
  • Stretching and stability exercises
  • Exercise and rehabilitation prescription
  • Advanced development of self-management strategies (applicable in workplace and home)

Our smart approach is reflected in our quality of results. 92% of Core Physio Sports patients recover and are fully satisfied with our service.

Work Conditioning

This program is geared towards upgrading the fitness levels of workers to pre-injury status. The Work Conditioning predominantly employs a physical approach in advancing the fitness level of the worker.

Program Objective & Goals

Throughout this program, Core Physio Sports helps workers resume and advance their work activities to the point where full clearance has been achieved and the worker has returned to pre-injury status. Our physiotherapists accomplish this by achieving the following goals of the Work Conditioning program:

  • Providing the worker with a final full clearance  medical certificate through achieving pre-injury level of fitness
  • Resolving fears pertaining to performing job role
  • Altering any negative or counterproductive perception/beliefs pertaining to performing job role
  • Ending any inactive treatment
  • Ending any unnecessary medication
  • Ending any dependence on aides or equipment

Medical Upgrade Program

Core Physio Sports’s Medical Upgrade Program boosts the workers’ fitness level. We achieve this by addressing the physical and psychosocial barriers that impede their return to work. Our specialists work together and their coordinated multidisciplinary approach expedites the injured workers’ return to work.

Program Objective & Goals

Similar to the Work Conditioning Program, the Medical Upgrade Program seeks to help workers who are having a difficult time in getting medical certificate upgrades due to psychosocial and other workplace barriers. Core Physio Sports’s specialists ensure the workers get their medical certificate upgrades by accomplishing the following program goals:

  • Considerably enhancing fitness levels, facilitating a strong medical certificate upgrade
  • Initiating a Job Placement Program or advancing occupational/employment upgrade
  • Altering any negative or counterproductive perception/beliefs pertaining to job role
  • Ending any inactive treatment
  • Ending any dependence on aides or equipment
  • Rationalisingmedication

Clinical Psychological Intervention

While Core Physio Sports primarily takes a physical and physiological approach to providing its multidisciplinary solutions, our experts know when to weave in the application of clinical psychology.

There are many instances of worker injuries where physical barriers do not play a dominant (if any) part in hindering a worker’s return to work. In such cases, clinical physiological intervention is often the best way for assessing, understanding and managing the injury which ultimately results in reducing return to work times.

As part of our comprehensive approach, Core Physio Sports’s experts will employ an hour long Clinical Psychology Assessment. The assessment, which involves broad psychometric questionnaires, will determine the most effective nature and extent of Clinical Psychology Intervention to help the worker.

Innervate Pain Management Program

Core Physio Sports’s Innervate Pain Management Program is an intensive cognitive behavioural program that seeks to enhance the quality of life for those suffering from persistent pain.

The program is NOT A CURE. Rather, it teaches how to cope with the pain and perform their occupational or personal duties properly. Successful execution of the program can take more than 100 hours spread over a month.

Program Objective & Goals

The basic objective of the Innervate Pain Management Program is to enable people to live their lives (work, socialize etc.) with minimum hindrance due to their persistent pain. Core Physio Sports’s experts achieve this feat by accomplishing the following program goals:

  • Upgrading medical certification
  • Boosting confidence, ensuring performance despite pain
  • Enhancing the level of function activities
  • Minimizing  down-times
  • Creating a robust emotional response to pain, focusing on minimized fear avoidance beliefs
  • Minimizing use of and/or reliance on painkillers
  • Minimizing dependence on aides & equipment

Core Physio Sports’s specialist physiotherapists and psychologists coordinate with a rehabilitation counsellor, rehabilitation medicine consultant and pain specialist to maximize the efficiency of the program.

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