Poor Posture and Occupational Rehab

What is Poor Posture?

When some muscles in your body tighten up, shorten/lengthen or weaken, the resulting posture is poor posture. Routine activities can cause poor posture. Poor posture is any position that has your backbone in an unnatural, curved position.

Factors Affecting Posture

Routine activities at home or in the workplace, such as repetition and force, can contribute to poor posture. For a working professional, it is quite natural for work life dynamics to affect health. E.g. a writer sitting in front of a screen the whole day may develop a poor posture. Poor posture can also cause strain and stress. In a professional context, high levels of job stress have proven to result in higher levels of neck and shoulder pain.

People Susceptible to Poor Posture

Manual labourers and heavy equipment drivers are most likely to be affected by pain in the neck and back, particularly if they have not had any manual handling training. Different physical demands in jobs more accurately determine the extent of the poor posture.

Effects of Poor Posture

Poor posture is responsible for many conditions associated with neck pain. Lower back pain is common among those who sit continuously in a bad posture for long periods of time.  Core Physio Sports helps people from diverse professions who sufer from lower back pain. Dysfunctional spine and joints can also be developed due to the changes in muscles caused by a poor posture. The pain caused by poor posture can be short term but is often long term, and if left untreated can be lifelong.

Types of Poor Posture

Poor posture comes in various forms, such as:

  • Anterior Tilt
    • Tilting forward of the pelvis, causing the lumbar spine to extend
  • Posterior Tilt
    • Tilting back of the pelvis, causing the upper body to lean back
  • Kyphosis
    • Too much curving of the upper spine
  • Elevation
    • Where one side of the shoulder or pelvis is higher than the other
  • Rotation
    • Where one hip or shoulder is turned forward

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