Company Fitness

On-site fitness classes, 4-week ‘operation overhaul’ challenges and personal training sessions

Our experienced trainers at Core Physio Sports are all about making fitness fun as well as achieving measurable results.

Group Fitness Classes

On-site group fitness sessions are a great way to introduce fitness into the workplace. These classes are suited to all levels of fitness and are an ideal way to exercise before or after work. An added benefit of group fitness training is it provides employees with an opportunity to get together in a social context, meet new people, and build relationships outside of the office environment.

We offer a range of different class options to keep your employees interested and coming back for more, from Pilates to running groups, boxing and circuit training, there is something to suit everyone.

’Operation Overhaul’ 4-week challenge

If you are looking for a challenge and want to see some noticeable results in a short amount of time then look no further than our intense 4-week ‘operation overhaul’ program.

Operation Overhaul’ is an extreme 4-week training regime that will put your workforce to the ultimate test. With employees divided into groups, they must compete against each other with the winning group being the one with largest percentage weight loss. Guaranteed to whip your employees into shape and also create some healthy competition in the workplace.

Our trainers have experience working with professional athletes and sporting teams which means your employees will get access to the latest training techniques used by elite athletes.

Personal training

For those who are too busy to participate in group fitness or the extreme ‘operation overhaul’ 4-week challenge, personal training is the perfect solution. Our trainers can come to you, when and where it suits. A training session can be conducted in a nearby park or even a large meeting room or outdoor balcony.

Personal Training begins with an evaluation of your health, lifestyle and goals. The trainer then works closely with the client to design a program that fulfils their needs and time constraints.

With any training regime, what a person puts in is what they get out. A typical personal training session combines cardio, weight training and flexibility programs to achieve the desired results.

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